Administrative Management

Most people don’t realize that operating a community’s Association is similar to running a large corporation. In some cases, the Association is a multi-million dollar corporation. A cornerstone of every successful business is a sound and closely controlled administrative system. Our administrative services are divided into the following categories:

Files and Records

The Exclusive team will develop and maintain a filing system for all of the Association’s documents and official records. These include unit owner files, contracts, insurance policies and claims, financial information and year end reporting, resolutions and legal documentation, meeting minutes, and public agency filings to name a few. We will administer the Association’s records in accordance with Florida Statutes to ensure all regulatory requirements are being met.


We will prepare general correspondence between the Association and its members, contractors and vendors, regulatory agencies, or other entities. We will also provide mailings or distribution of notices as required by the Florida Statutes for all meetings and elections.

Insurance Administration

The Exclusive team will assist the Association in its process of insuring its property. We will provide the needed information to qualified insurance providers for the quoting of policies and assist the Board as needed during its selection process. Once a policy is purchased, we will assist the Board in its claims reporting by providing information related to any known incident for which the Association may have responsibility. Claims management can also be handled by our team if the need should arise.

Complaints and Rules Administration

We will receive written and signed complaints regarding rules violations and investigate in accordance with preset policy. Once a violation is confirmed, we input it into our integrated software system and send out a notice which details the nature of the violation and references the section of the Association’s documents that addresses it. Photos (if applicable) are uploaded to facilitate future reference and discussion. Upon a subsequent visit to the community, your property manager will confirm whether the violation has been corrected or not. If it has exceeded the designated time period as dictated by the Association’s Board, follow up action will be taken at the Board’s discretion. All violations are tracked until corrected or closed in our system.

Policy Development

Changes in legislation, tax or court rulings, insurance or financial changes pertaining to community associations will be communicated to the Board as they come to our attention. We will offer advice and direction to the Association on governing processes and policy issues. We will provide support to develop resolutions to community issues and Association concerns.

Sales and Leasing Administration

The Exclusive team will assist attorneys, title companies and real estate companies with the processing of a sale of a home furnishing “estoppel letters” indicating such items as assessments due, insurance coverage and upcoming assessments. Upon receipt of notification of a sale of a home, set up necessary new ownership records, provide payment coupons to new owner, and a copy of the Association’s current rules & regulations (if applicable). Leasing procedures can also be established incorporating application packages and screening protocol as governed by the Association’s documents.

Meeting Coordination

The Exclusive team will assist in preparing notices and required documentation for Board and membership meetings in accordance with regulatory requirements. We will coordinate and attend meetings of the Association’s membership and Board and make arrangements as directed by the Board. Your property manager will take minutes and provide them to the Board for approval with the monthly management report.

Management Reporting

Your property manager will prepare a monthly management report which will summarize the current issues and projects and address upcoming projects and events. The monthly report will address open service requests, the status of violations, property inspection findings, specifications and bids for projects (if applicable), architectural approvals, and any open items which require the Board’s direction.